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    • 22 Oct 2014
    • 8:00 AM - 6:00 PM
    • DuPont Country Club, 1001 Rockland Road, Wilmington, DE 19803

    Inspiring Women


    The 2014 Inspiring Women in STEM Conference will be held on 

    October 22nd at the DuPont Country Club in Wilmington, Delaware.

    From extraordinary featured speakers to professional development

    workshops to high quality networking, the Inspiring Women in 

    STEM Conference offers an excellent learning opportunity for 

    women at all stages of their careers.

    Join us to be inspired by successful women leaders who will share 

    their wisdom and professional journeys. Learn new skills from experts 

    to advance your career in the laboratory, classroom and boardroom. 

    Engage with your peers in science and technology-based organizations 

    across the region. Connect with STEM (science, technology, 

    engineering and math) education programs to encourage and 

    mentor the next generation.

                      FEATURED SPEAKERS

    Carol AmmonBio

    Carol Ammon
    Founder & retired CEO
    and Chairman

    Endo Pharmaceuticals

    Amy Ericson

    Amy Ericson
    U.S. President

    Darlene Solomon

    Darlene Solomon, Ph.D.
    Senior Vice President & CTO
    Agilent Technologies

                          Who should attend?

    The Delaware BioScience Association, the Delaware Sustainable 

    Chemistry Alliance and the Technology Forum of Delaware present 

    the Inspiring Women in STEM Conferences and Forums to encourage 

    and support women involved in all aspects of science and technology 

    in their professional lives, including industrial and government 

    scientists and engineers, academic researchers, STEM educators, 

    college students, and entrepreneurs.

                             What to expect?

    The 2014 Inspiring Women in STEM Conference will feature 

    presentations, workshops, panel discussions and audience 

    exercises on a variety of issues facing women in the workplace, 

    including dealing with change, communicating to be heard, career 

    planning, strategic networking, and improving effectiveness. An 

    Exhibitor Showcase will highlight local non-profit organizations in 

    which participants can explore opportunities to serve as volunteers 

    and mentors to inspire the next generation.


    In 2013, the inaugural Inspiring Women in STEM Conference hosted more than 250 attendees from over 70 of the region’s pharmaceutical, chemistry, medical device, biotechnology and IT companies, and universities and research institutions.


    8:00 a.m. Continental Breakfast & Networking

    8:45 a.m. Opening Plenary Session

    • Welcome

    • Opening Remarks by U.S. Senator Chris Coons

    • Keynote Address by Amy Ericson, U.S. President, Alstom, Inc.

    • Introductions to exhibiting STEM education programs

    10:00 a.m. Networking Break

    10:30 a.m. Morning Breakout Sessions

    "Strategic Networking: It’s Not Who You Know, It’s Who Knows You"
    Workshop moderated by Jennifer Stewart, Ph.D., Scientist and NSF SEES 

    Fellow, University of Delaware


    • Mary Lou Gantzer, Ph.D., FACB, CEO, BioCore Diagnostics, LLC

    • Jaqueline Kirby, Vice President, US Government Affairs, AstraZeneca

    • Jennifer Biddle, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Marine Microbiology, University of Delaware

    Strategic networking focuses on quality, not quantity. The key to building an 

    effective network is forming and cultivating valuable relationships with key 

    individuals. This workshop will enable participants to evaluate their current 

    network and develop a personalized networking strategy to achieve specific 

    career goals. Attendees will learn how to set goals, identify and approach key 

    contacts, leverage social media, and maintain connections over time. It's not 

    who you know, but who knows you that can shift your career from good to great!


    "What Was I Thinking!?! Using Neuroscience to Improve Your 

    Workshop by Vicki Cotter, SPHR, CPCC, ACC, Founder, Keep It Simple, 


    Ever feel like you are out of your mind? You probably are least for the 

    moment (or for many moments!). Want to know what’s happening, and what 

    you can do about it?

    Each part of your brain has a specific focus, and a job to do. But what happens 

    when your pre- frontal cortex, where all your “executive functions” live, goes 

    offline? And how do you get it back online? And how can you become 

    more effective in your work and your life by knowing (more) about your 


    In this workshop you will be introduced to a model called The Seven Levels of 

    Effectiveness, developed by coaches Ann Betz and Ursula Pottinga of 

    BEabove Leadership. Through The Seven Levels of Effectiveness, you will be 

    provided with a road map of human effectiveness which will point you to where 

    you are right now, and which can help you choose a different way to be in order 

    to find a new level of thinking. This model is supported by current research on 

    neuroscience and psychology, providing an easy to understand and 

    comprehensive model of change and transformation.

    12:00 p.m. Luncheon

    12:30 p.m. "STEM Pioneers: A Conversation with Carol Ammon and 

    Darlene Solomon"
    Moderated by Rosa Colon-Kolacko, Ph.D., MBA, Senior Vice President, Systems 

    Learning, Executive Director, Learning Institute and Chief Diversity Officer, 

    Christiana Care Health System

    • Carol Ammon, Founder & retired CEO and Chairman, Endo Pharmaceuticals

    • Darlene Solomon, Ph.D., Senior Vice President & CTO, Agilent Technologies

    1:30 p.m. Afternoon Breakout Sessions

    "Changing How We Deal With Change”
    Panel Discussion and Presentation by Quinetta Roberson, Ph.D., Professor, 

    Management & Operations, Villanova University


    • Eugenia Erlij, Director, Global Marketing, Solenis

    • Maritza Poza-Grise, Vice President, Human Resources, DuPont

    • Helen Stimson, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Agilent Technologies

    Mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures, consolidations, restructuring, rightsizing, 

    reengineering and divestitures are just some of the forms of organizational 

    change that have become commonplace in today’s fast-paced environment. As 

    such, effective leadership in this environment is characterized by the capacity 

    for change management. Capabilities for managing change are also particularly 

    important for women in STEM given the rate of growth and innovation in the 

    fields of science and technology. 

    This skill-building workshop will focus on identifying, diagnosing, executing and actualizing change in one’s career, organization or industry. Specifically, by using an IDEA for ChangeTM framework and leveraging participants’ experiences, this interactive session will offer strategies and tools to help conference attendees change how they deal with change.


    "GPS Your Career: Tools and Tips to Get You Where You Want to Go”
    Panel Discussion and Presentation by Mary Schaefer, MHRM, PHR, President & 

    Lead Consultant, Artemis Path, Inc.


    • Barbara Minor, Engineering Fellow, DuPont

    • Cathy Wu, Ph.D., Edward G. Jefferson Chair & Director, Center for  Bioinformatics & Computational Biology, University of Delaware

    Yogi Berra once said, “If you don’t know where you are going, you’ll end up 

    some place else.” This is especially true when it comes to your career. A 

    career strategy is to your career what a GPS is to your daily commute – and is 

    particularly helpful during changes such as an unexpected detour (I-495, 

    anyone?). It is essential to know where you want to go, how to avoid potholes, 

    and when to re-route. You own your career; no one will ever care as much as 

    you do. A strategic approach, your “Career GPS,” helps you navigate your way 

    to reach your career goals. This session will provide you with tips, tools and 

    tales of real-life experiences to relate to when programming your “Career GPS.”

    3:00 p.m. Networking Break

    3:30 p.m. Closing Plenary Session

    "Communicating to be Heard: Mind the Message"
    Panel Discussion moderated by Barbara Borowitz Garland, Founder, 



    • Aprille Ericsson, Ph.D., Aerospace Engineer, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

    • Karen Fletcher, Vice President of Engineering, Facilities Services & Real Estate and Chief Engineer, DuPont

    • Lori Palmer, Partner, Trellist Ventures Executive

    • Nancy Targett, Ph.D., Dean of the College of Earth, Ocean, & Environment, University of Delaware

    What do a newspaper headline, a feature film coming attraction, a TV ad, and a 

    handshake have in common? They are opportunities to capture attention, 

    generate interest, connect with an audience, and create a lasting impression. 

    How do WE achieve our communication goals? Mind the Message is a creative 

    strategy that can help everyone gain self-confidence in their daily 

    communications. Successful communication is not a performance based on 

    how little we “um” or how we control our gestures. It is a structured 

    conversation between an expert who identifies key messages and adapts 

    delivery so that the audience can really hear them. Developing effective 

    communication skills is an ongoing process and particularly challenging in STEM 

    fields as speakers must make complex information accessible. Our panelists 

    will share their experiences and perspectives on the value of strong 

    communication skills to leadership and success in academia, government, and 


    5:00 p.m. Networking Reception

    6:00 p.m. Conference Adjourns

    Register by October 15th:

    $345 for Industry
    (Member of Delaware Bio, DESCA or Tech Forum)

    $545 for Industry (Non-Member)

    $245 for Academic/Government/Non-profit
    (Member of Delaware Bio, DESCA or Tech Forum) 


    $395 Academic/Government/Non-profit (Non-Member)


    Wednesday, October 22, 2014

    8:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.


    DuPont Country Club
    1001 Rockland Rd
    Wilmington, DE 19803

    Register Now!

    In order to encourage diversity in the audience members, organizations are limited to

    10 registrations each.


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