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The  Annual Bio-Based & Renewable Chemicals Conference is designed to bring together together academic and industry experts to discuss the emerging landscape of bridging technologies that are replacing fossil fuel based raw materials and to address the major challenges and opportunities facing the industry. With presentations and interactive panel discussions, leaders share thoughts, strategies and resources to help innovators and researchers address the challenges facing the bio-based industry.   Learn more



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The Inspiring Women in STEM Conferences are presented by the Sustainable Chemistry Alliance together with the Delaware BioScience Association and the Delaware Sustainable Chemistry Alliance and are designed to encourage, support and inspire women involved in all aspects of STEM in their professional lives.  Over 300 attendees from more than 70 organizations take part in featured presentations, workshops, panel discussions on a variety of issues facing women in the STEM industries. Learn more

The Sustainable Chemistry Alliance's TechConnect Workshops help technologists, innovators and start-ups identify new sources of revenue based on existing core competences and differentiated technological, production or other capabilities. the TechConnect process helps identify technologies or applications earlier in the development process and, allowing technologists to focus on value-adding activities and technologies to increase the impact of remaining development efforts.  Learn more



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Our regularly scheduled Lunch & Learn programs together bring together entrepreneurs, thought leaders, academics, business leaders and students to explore topics important to the sustainable chemistry sector and in particular to sustainable-chemistry start-ups. A broad range of topics are covered ranging from Intellectual Property Strategy, to Sources of Funding to Branding Strategy.  Learn more

Since its inception in 2010, the Sustainable Chemistry Alliance has established itself as a leader in its space by provided services specifically targeted to sustainable technology stakeholders.

Though its work, the Alliance has organized cluster-building events, convened task forces and facilitated collaborations and partnerships.