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For entrepreneurs and industrial R&D companies, the I2I process can improve the effectiveness of R&D by identifying technologies or applications earlier in the development process and focusing on value-adding activities and technologies to increase the impact of remaining development efforts.

Finally, the I2I process can help facilitate innovation by enabling teams to collaborate and exchange ideas on how to solve real world challenges.

Techniques used in DESCA's I2I process include Temple University's TechConnect Process, which focuses on breaking down an innovation to convert the technological strengths into commercially successful applications, and Lean Startup Principles, which are better suited to innovations and technologies that solve a specific problem.

I2I Workshops are scheduled through the year. Check back regularly for information on dates, or sign up for our newsletter to learn about upcoming workshops and events. To apply for consideration for a workshop dedicated to your specific team or company please contact us with information regarding your particular project.

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​​i2i workshops AND EVENTS are scheduled throughout the year. check back regularly for dates.

Whether you're an individual, an R&D Team or an organization, the Sustainable Chemistry Alliance's I2I approach helps you to identify new sources of revenue based on existing core competences and differentiated technological, production or other capabilities.

One of the techniques used by the DE Sustainable Chemistry Alliance in the I2I Program is Temple University's TechConnect process. This process helps the innovator break down the technology's strengths and weaknesses in order to evaluate as many alternative applications as possible and determine the most commercially viable options and go-to-market strategies.

For innovations that solve a specific problem, the Alliance draws on the hugely popular Lean Startup technique which aims to prepare scientists and engineers to extend their focus beyond the lab and broaden the impact of basic-research projects. 

View or download our our Innovation to Invoice Whitepaper for more information on the I2I Process.

August 31st, 2016: I2I Lunch & Learn: Digital Marketing & Your Website - Does Your Website Pass the 5-Second Test?. Click HERE for more info and to register.

September 17th, 2016:I2I Workshop - a full day workshop (9:00 am - 4:00 pm) where 3 innovators work with teams to take projects through the TechConnect Process. Send us an email if you are interested in volunteering on one of the I2I teams on this date.

For more background and information about Innovation to Invoice, view or download our Innovation to Invoice Whitepaper.