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Dedicated to encouraging sustainable innov‚Äčation through chemistry

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Voltaic Coatings of New Castle, DE own the exclusive license to a composition of matter patent for a new material created at the University of Delaware that transforms the organic electronics market to enable manufacturers to create paper thin, flexible OLEDs and Solar Panels. The Sustainable Chemistry Alliance is advising Voltaic Coatings and providing mentors from our Domain Expert Network to help advance their technology.

FCG Chemical in Exton, PA has developed, based on its proprietary microwave technology, a suite of general purpose chemical processors that are designed to replace the chemical industry's traditional batch reactors. The processors allow chemists to lower operating costs while simultaneously offering cleaner/greener chemical reactions by reducing the amount of energy and solvents used and substituting with more environmentally friendly solvents. The Sustainable Chemistry Alliance assisted FCG Chemical with locating wet lab space for proof-of-concept as well as mentoring for product commercialization.

Elcriton of New Castle, DE develops Clostridium-based technologies that address sustainable energy and production needs. The Sustainable Chemistry Alliance provided biotech industry mentoring and connected Elcriton with the appropriate business units of several chemical companies for the commercialization of their technology both in the US and Europe.

United Catalyst of Monmouth Junction, NJ developed a novel catalyst  technology with the potential to convert cellulose (a readily available renewable resource) into high-value products used in the production of bio-based fuels, chemicals and advanced materials. The Alliance provided training on value chain analysis, customer segmentation, value proposition development and commercialization of this new technology through hands-on educational workshops and mentoring from our Domain Expert Network that guided them through contract negotiations with a major corporation. 

Sustainable chemistry alliance SUCCESS STORIES

Our Domain Expert Network provides mentorship and advice to early-stage entrepreneurs, while its innovation program effectively facilitates collaborative research projects between academia and industry as well as connecting small companies that have innovative technology to larger customers, in order to further develop sustainable products and services.

The Sustainable Chemistry Alliance also validates projects for start-up sustainable chemistry companies and assist for access to wet lab facilities with common, shared lab equipment, allowing them to further develop their technologies.

Since its inception, the Sustainable Chemistry Alliance board has succeeded in laying the foundations for the building of a sound entrepreneurial ecosystem based on sustainable technologies. Its efforts have succeeded in developing a creative, collaborative environment that includes high growth entrepreneurs, industry and academic partners, investors, government supporters and expert mentors.

The Sustainable Chemistry Alliance is dedicated to encouraging sustainable innovation through chemistry throughout the greater Delaware and North East region. Formed in 2010, our mission is to foster sustainable technology innovation among key stakeholders in the public and private sectors. Working with thought leaders in industry, government and academia, we help link resources in ways that can both optimize the funding essential for R&D and translate the benefits of new and sustainable discoveries in chemistry into commercial opportunities by:

  • Building on the strong, existing regional foundation in chemical and advanced materials technology;
  • Attracting large, multi-institutional grants and research contracts;
  • Establishing interdisciplinary research partnerships among institutions of higher education, the corporate community, start-up organizations and centers of excellence elsewhere in the region;
  • Fostering a robust pipeline of platforms that creates numerous projects and scientific opportunities, additional investment by multi-national companies, start-up entities and future growth in high-wage jobs;
  • Providing state of the art infrastructure that becomes a national focal point for excellence in sustainable chemistry.